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Empath Types - Flora, Fauna, Dream

Empath type #4- The Flora Empath

Empath type #4- The Flora Empath

The plant-lovers. A flora empath is someone who has established a deep connection with plants.

If you are someone who communicates with plants and genuinely feels for them, you might be a flora empath. Not to mention, you probably have the greenest thumb too!

As plant lovers, flora empaths have learned compassion beyond people. You are loving and nurturing. This also manifests in all other areas of your life too.

People regard your presence as soft and calming. They love being around you. You draw everyone in with your gentle ways.

Any Flora Empaths out there??

Type #5 The Fauna Empath

Much like the flora empaths, fauna empaths have also learned to be compassionate beyond people.

Fauna empaths are those who cannot imagine the world without animals.

You are simply head over heels with any kind of animal. In a party, these types of empaths are the first to play with the house owner’s pets.

Fauna empaths will not tolerate any kind of abuse to animals. You are the first to stand up for them.

You believe that each animal – big or not – deserves love and respect. Any violence towards them will surely make you quick to your feet in defense.

Empath Type #6 The Dream Empath

Dream empaths are given a wonderful gift of remembering their dreams quite vividly. Moreover, you have the ability to interpret its message. If you are a dream empath, you believe that a dream is never just a dream.

It is a gateway for the universe to tell you something, or to move you into action. After all, as an empath, you know that you have your own soul’s purpose to fulfil.

You can quickly work out the symbols in your dreams and apply them to real life. Your dreams are your source of wisdom, and you are more than willing to impart what you learn to your loved ones.

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