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The Two Top Protection Tips for Empaths

Energy Protection for Empath Tip #1 Shielding Visualization

Shielding is a quick way to protect yourself. Many empaths and sensitive people rely on it to block out toxic energy while allowing the free flow of positivity.

Call on it regularly. The minute you’re uncomfortable with a person, place, or situation, put up your shield.

Use it in a store, at a party if you’re talking to an energy vampire, online or in a packed doctor’s waiting room.

  • Begin by taking a few, deep, long breaths.

  • Then visualize a beautiful shield of white or pink light completely surrounding your body and extending a few inches beyond it.

This shield protects you from anything negative, stressful, toxic, or intrusive.

Within the protection of this shield, feel yourself centered, happy, and energized. This shield blocks out negativity, but at the same time, you can still feel what’s positive and loving.

Energy Protection for Empaths Tip #2 Define and Express Your Relationship Needs

Knowing your needs and being able to assert them is a strong form of self-protection for empaths. Then you can be in your full power in a relationship. If something doesn’t feel right, raise the issue with your partner rather than suffering silently.

Finding your voice is equivalent to finding your power–otherwise you may become exhausted, anxious, or feel like a doormat in relationships where your basic needs are unmet. Your partner isn’t a mind reader. Speak up to safeguard your well-being.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I need in a relationship that I’ve been afraid to ask for?

  • Would you prefer more alone or quiet time?

  • Would you like to sleep by yourself sometimes?

  • Do you want to play more or talk more or be intimate more often?

Let your intuition flow without judgment. Uncover your true feelings. No reason to be ashamed or to hold back.

What do you need to refine and request within your relationships?

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