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Empath Types - Physical, Intuitive and Emotional

Type #1 The Physical Empath

Physical empaths are those who pick up the physical energy of the people and things around them. How does this work? If you have ever felt the pain of someone else’s injury, you might be a physical empath.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel like you have an injury yourself. It just often manifests in subtle hints of pain in the same area as the person you are looking at.

The person in front of you is experiencing a migraine? Watch out for some tension on your temples too. The most common physical pain that empaths pick up are headaches, nausea, and burns.

In contrast, physical empaths are in for a treat when you are surrounded by people who are happy and healthy. You can easily absorb their positive energy, leaving your body revitalized.

Is this you?

Empath Type #2- The Intuitive Empath

According to Dr. Orloff, an American psychiatrist, intuitive empaths are those who have a heightened perception of the unspoken.

This means that these people do not only pick up the energies in front of them, but even those that are still to come.

However, intuitive empaths are not to be confused as people who can see the future. If you are an intuitive empath, your power lies in your gut feel – your intuition.

Over time, you will realize that your instinct is always right. This is why it is important for these types of empaths to listen to what their gut tells them at the onset of any situation.

Type #3 The Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths are the most susceptible to exhaustion. This is because you cannot avoid receiving so much energy from the outside.

As you get overwhelmed with other people’s emotions, you will notice certain interactions drain the life out of you.

Emotional empaths are encouraged to choose the people you spend your time with.

You have to practice putting your emotional health first before anybody else. This way, you can be an effective empath who can share themselves without losing it in the process.

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