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Empath Types - Earth, Precognitive, Psychometric and Telepathic

Type #7 The Earth Empath

While they can be regarded as quite similar to flora empaths, the earth empaths (similar to earth angels) are in tune with nature as a whole.

You are hyper-aware of what the planet needs, and how it can be better taken care of.

At times, you can also feel it when a natural occurrence is about to happen – from a simple rain to forest fire or earthquakes.

Because of this ability, earth empaths are often called the guardians of the earth.

Empath Type #8 The Precognitive Empath

A precognitive empath has the psychic abilities to feel an event or situation happening soon. They do not necessarily see the future, but they can sense it.

How does it happen?

If you are a precognitive empath, your mind is in tune with your dreams, your emotions, and your surroundings. You know a divine message when you feel one.

While most of these messages/warnings can be seen in your dreams, your sensations such as anxiety and excitement are also great determinants of what is to come.

Thus, you are able to prepare yourself and others for a forthcoming situation

Empath Type #9 The Psychometric Empath

A psychometric empath receives impressions through objects. The perception of these impressions varies from smell, sensation, texture, etc.

The emotions an object evokes can also be a part of its information.

If you are a psychometric empath, you have the ability to know an object’s history, its owner, its worth, and even its future use.

This will greatly help you in deciding whether to keep/buy clothes, jewelry, or even properties.

Our last empath type; #10 The Telepathic Empath

A telepathic empath knows how to read minds. You can still access a person’s unexpressed thoughts by tying their words, their behavior, and their emotions altogether- but the telepathic is more about 'the mind'

This is especially true when you are faced with a situation where someone is blatantly lying to you.

You know when something is not true, because you can see right through people and discover their true intentions.

Telepathic empaths can read people more than anyone else.

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