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December 21st - What does it mean for you?

This is a historic event for so many reasons but to understand how it will impact us directly, we have to understand Jupiter and Saturn energies and how they interplay.

Saturn represents rules, regulations, government and the traditional ways of doing this.

Jupiter represents blessings, spiritual insights, and new ways of seeing things.

There will be a battle between these two planets over the next year as they travel through Aquarius.

Saturn wants us to grow, evolve and become the owner of our lives. To step up and be responsible for ourselves.

If we haven’t done the work, Saturn can come along and test us by breaking everything apart. If we’ve done the work Jupiter can come along and bless us.

This is a big year to focus on our spiritual pursuits, to let go of old rigid ways and to welcome in new insights, new ideas and revolution.

What has Saturn been whispering to you? What area of life do you need to clean up and take responsibility for?

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