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Is Decision Fatigue Affecting You?

You make >35,000 decisions every day. As you make them, your brain tires. And by the end of the day, you're more likely to settle for the "easiest" option.

So don't rely on willpower. Instead, create an environment where eating well and exercising are easy options.

Some things we at Optimal Balance recommend to our members and clients include:

  • Food prep

  • video workouts to supplement facility classes

  • calendars and schedules with a plan A&B for exercise

  • alarms/reminders on person and online

  • pack a gym bag and leave it by the door or even better, have a bag already in the car

The list goes on but we’re pretty sure there will STILL be days where you will not want to eat healthy or do a workout. We’re human, right?

The biggest recommendation we give at Optimal Balance is that all of planning in world won’t help you aren’t able to get the basics in - water, movement, fresh air/vitamin and sleep.

If getting those things are the only fitness decisions you end up making in a day then you are doing AMAZING and you need to keep it up!

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