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Are You An Empath?

Welcome to the first post in our Conversations with Shelley Empath Series.

An empath is someone who is highly aware of the emotions of those around them, to the point of feeling those emotions themselves.

Empaths see the world differently than other people; they’re keenly aware of others, their pain points, and what they need emotionally.1

Follow along as we talk about Types, Triggers, Protection and Healing you/the world as well as more.

Have you heard the term Empath?

Do you feel you are an Empath?

What are your burning questions?

If you want to know more,

look for Conversations with Shelley on Facebook or email us at to request to join. From chakras and energy work, spirituality, crystals, oracle cards, books, signs and symbols, soul shifts, essential oils and opening ourselves to be ourselves- this group is where you want to be to find like minded people and conversation!


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